PTwist aims to design, deploy, and validate an open platform which will twist plastic reuse practices, by boosting citizens awareness, circular economy practices, and sustainable innovation inline with the new plastics economy vision. This will be achieved by offering : a) crowdsourcing tools to enable generation of an evolving plastic materials reuse taxonomy and an open plastic reuse machinery designs repository; b) a monetary system of PCoins and PWallets maintained by a blockchain based architecture which will safeguard trusted plastics reuse transactions among citizens and inventors (such as fablabs); c) a citizens and communities rewarding and engagement experiences by interactive and collaborative gamification which embeds Pcoins crediting; d) a virtual marketplace for exhibiting and commercializing of PTwist inspired plastics reuse products monetized in the proposed PCoins unit.

Role: Dissemination manager; Innovation & Exploitation manager & WP leader

Funded by the programme: H2020 Innovation Action

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