Business Development & Consultancy

As a result from experience in business development and a track record as exploitation expert, we provide a wide range of services and support, in all phases of business creation, development and growth. Not only for established companies, but also for start-ups, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations (e.g. NGOs), and for the traditional, digital and circular/collaborative economy.


  • Strategic planning – supporting the development of defining goals and in setting measurable objectives, mobilising the necessary resources to realise them.
  • Business planning – help companies, being it established ones, or in the start-up/creation phases, to gain insight into the social, economic and policy factors that affect their daily operations.
  • Business development – support businesses to be competitive and grow, from improving internal organisations processes to securing financing.


Through our experience as exploitation expert for a wide variety of research, development and innovation projects, we are well positioned to drive transform ideas into products/services for the market.

We apply innovative approaches and methods such as storytelling, co-creation and creativity techniques.