Thanks to a proven track record as innovation and quality manager and reviewer of innovative (EU-funded) projects, we are in an ideal position to support you in the envisaging, designing and implementation of innovation processes in all types of organisations and in different contexts.


  • Social innovation – accompanying all related process, enhancing and extending impact and supporting real change-making,
  • Educational innovation – enhancing innovative processes and the adoption of new approaches and methods throughout all educational levels and training activities.
  • Product & service innovation – increasing the competitiveness of your products and/or services through the application of a variety of innovation processes.
  • Collaborative innovation – the application of collaborative processes to enhance the capacity of organisations to upfront the challenges of today and in the future.
  • Training for innovation – providing a wide array of coaching and training related to innovation and the skills and competences demanded by the labour market of the future.


Co-creation, creativity techniques, narrative techniques and knowledge generation and management are only a few of the methods we apply in our aim of making you more innovative and reach a higher and more long-lasting impact.