Projects / Support

Based upon our long-standing and extensive experience in projects, we offer services and support to all enterprises, organisations and entities with demands in the field of the design and management of projects. The services range from the definition of strategies to obtain funding and grants (international, European, national and regional), accompanying the whole process, the conceptual and design phase up to the management and closing of the project. Since its creation EOLAS has managed proposals for many different calls and has provided partners for EU projects from different funding programmes, such as Horizon2020, Erasmus+, COSME; Interreg; FP7; Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, Life Long Learning, Progress, CIP, amongst others.


  • Exploitation – supports any type of project in developing the strategy and plan for exploitation and sustainability of results, identifying the the foreground and background, characterise the exploitable results, assess the related risks and plan for taking the results to the market (including the development of the related business models and plans).
  • Impact evaluation – assessment and evaluation of the impact of the project and its different activities on the target groups, stakeholders and wider constituency.
  • Risk management – identifying, assessing and monitor risks in all stages of a project, from conception to closure (and exploitation) and design the related contingency measures, supporting their implementation.
  • Dissemination & Exploitation Being an equally important element of any RTD project, tasks include effective dissemination, communication and exploitation planning, preparation of promotional project material, participation in related dissemination events (seminars, workshops, conferences, fairs & exhibitions) and business plans for results exploitation after the end of the project.