Blue Social Growth’ is an experimental pedagogical plan for the training of the populations living in small islands to address their pressing issues- like the recent immigration and refugees’ crisis- through developing blue growth economy social enterprises from the merge of the land with the sea. It predominantly targets prospective social entrepreneurs, focusing migrants and refugees by establishing socially innovative, scalable and financially sustainable ventures. The objective of the training programme are twofold on one hand co-sharing and co-creation through transformational engagement of bottom of the pyramid-BoP populations as value creation for survival and growth. On the other hand through learning from new approaches of action learning, inductive approaches and design thinking methodologies to develop the skills needed for social innovation and social collaborative entrepreneurship such as questioning, challenging, dreaming, imagining, experimenting, learning, problem solving, critical thinking.

Role: Quality Manager; & IO leader

Funded by the programme: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships


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