EOLAS is participating and has participated over the last years in numerous projects on topics related to (social) entrepreneurship, tourism, storytelling, creativity, education, ICT, energy and innovation, either as full partner or as a subcontractor to the lead partner or one of the consortium members.

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ECCAY aims to empower young people at risk of social exclusion in an innovative way in training the professionals working with these young people. More specifically, the training aims to help professionals empowering the sense of agency in young people…

11 June, 2020

eSilver Tour Digital Marketing Competencies Development for Silver Tourism Expert

The project improves and increases the skills of seniors organisations staff and tourism professionals wanting to develop tourism offers for their older adults, thus reinforcing an evolving sector in Europe. It develops the Digital Marketing skills, as to answer the…

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27 January, 2021

FUTURE – Foster, mUltiply and connecT adUlt Education

FUTURE is a project for the exchange of good practices that aims to create a favourable environment in the field of adult education, in order to fully embrace digital education. It aims to analyse and understand possible future scenarios in…

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9 June, 2020

Its4Women Digital Literacy for Ladies

The project aims to increase the social inclusion of women in modern society by giving them the required digital skills to both operate in and out of work related contexts. It does so by taking up digital technologies and of…

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27 January, 2021


Development of a learning programme aimed at owners, managers and self-employed persons of small retail, commerce, hospitality and cultural/creative businesses in commercial areas in decay (or at risk of) which gives them the knowledge, skills and competences to: Adapt their…

8 June, 2020

MILC Millenials Innovate & Learn through Chaos

MILC aims to a) develop innovative approaches for adults, through cross-sector networking and activities, b) develop and deliver training based on the Chaordic approach and c) affect the work-life balance of employees and thus lead to the increase of the…

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27 January, 2021

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